Intuitive, Simple, Efficient

Project Work Breakdown Structure and Estimate makes easy!

Divide Work Elements, Sketch Out Estimate, Set Target Date, and Track Cost


Project work breakdown structure and estimate on the outline and chart views, with supports to export to PDF, Excel, and images files, and support to integrate with QuickPlan (project schedule app).

EFFICIENCE – Intuitive and straightforward gestures make WBS maintenance being super fast and easy, on a clean user interface.

SIMPLE – Simplify work elements dividing and estimating in a tree structure on the outline and chart views.

REPORTINGs – Create professional reports in image, PDF and Excel format, with powerful customization options.

INTEGRATIONs – Importing from MS Excel file, and opening in QuickPlan app to import as a new project schedule.

PDF and Image Exporting

Exporting WBS to PDF, and Image files with flexible content and layout customization options.

MS Excel Exporting

Importing from MS Excel

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QuickPlan Integration

QuickPlan (the project schedule app) supports to open the WBS file directly to import as a new project schedule.

Set your work and estimate done, with ease!

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