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WBS and QuickPlan

These two apps(QuickPlan and WBS) are used for project management:

  • WBS is to divide project to work elements in a tree structure, for the purpose the clean up the todo work and prepare the estimate (majorly used as the input of a project contract).
  • QuickPlan helps to create the project schedules, to guide the project implementation and track the progress (after project kicked-off).

The major differences:

  • Normally, from the process respect, we can use WBS as the input of a project schedule.
  • The work element in WBS is not same as the task in project schedule
  • Normally project work is divided based on deliveries, the deliveries are not one-one match to the tasks in project plan, for this approach, the WBS will be only the input of project plan.
  • Also project work can be divided based on high level tasks, for this approach, the relationship between WBS work element and project task is more tight.

QuickPlan supports to import WBS (.wbs) as a new project, and also QuickPlan can export project as WBS file.

How to import from MS Excel file?

How to create a new work element?

We can create a new work element on the chart view.

  • Tap to select an existing work element.
  • Tap “Add sub” menu to add a sub work package.
  • Double tap on the new work element to edit work package properties.
  • Long press on the work package to display other context menus.

WBS also supports to input on the outline view.

  • Tap the “+” button to add new work element. If an existing work element be selected, the new work element will be the child of the selected work element.
  • Tap the button “New first level work element” at the bottom of work list, to create a new work element with first outline level.
  • Swipe left/right on work element to change outline level.


  • Change work tree structure on the outline view.
    • Change work element outline level – swipe left / right
    • Change work element sequence – hold and move up/down
    • Move work element to other group – hold and move up/down
  • Maintain work elements on the chart view.
    • Change work properties – double tap
    • Change work display properties – long press
    • Collapse/Expand group – tap on group icon
    • Collapse/Expand ALL groups – tap with two fingers together
    • Zoom – pinch
    • Other operations such as select/unselect work, display menu and etc

How to create the demo chart in minutes?

Following the steps we used to create the demo WBS in the user guide video

  • Prepare the WBS outline data in a text file on a Mac (the space before the work name is used to adjust work element outline level).
    Project management
     Cost & Schedule management/1
     Scope management/1.5
     Task management/0.5
     Project office administration/0.5
     Human resources management/0.5
     Space and facilities planning /0.5
     Risk management/0.5
     Quality management/1
    Systems engineering
     Technical planning/1.5
     Technical supervision/0.5
     Business requirements definition/3.5
     System architecture & top-level design/12.5
     Software design
      Software requirement specification/14.5
      Software work package definition/1.5
      Software prototyping/20
      Software unit detailed design/42
     Software build
      Software unit coding/84
      Software unit debugging/24
     Unit testing
      Unit testing planning/3.5
      Unit test case preparation/9
      Unit test conduct/20
      Unit test records/2
     Hardware requirements planning/1.25
     Hardware system definition/3
     Hardware component selection/2
     Hardware unit/component testing/12
    Deliverables management
     Deliverables tracking/4
     Deliverables production and packaging/9
    System test
     Module & subsystem testing/9
     System integration testing/6
     Acceptance testing/2
     Defect classification, tracking & metrics/3
    Support services
     Configuration management/0.5
     Quality assurance/2.25
     Development tools and utilities/2
     Development environment upkeep/1
     Internal product liaison/1
     Team technical training/6
     Installation planning/0.5
     User support documentation/3.5
     User communications & training/5
     Installation management & coordination/2.75
     Installation testing and verification/1.75
     Installation performance monitoring/2
  • Transfer preceding the text file to the iPad (via AirDrop, email, 3rd cloud apps, and etc.)
  • Open WBS app, create a new WBS document, and paster the preceding text in to the batch input view.

Where are my documents stored?

We (WBS App Developer) have no server to store the user-generated WBS documents. The users own the WBS documents they created - A WBS document created by a user is stored on the Device of the user.

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